Visiting with larger groups, table reservations come in handy. We tell you how to reserve whole tables in Oktoberfest beer tents.

Only a few decades ago, table reservations were completely unusual. Today, they are often enough even required to get into tents on Friday nights or Saturdays, as they guarantee your admission when the tents need to close for overcrowding. While weekend and evening reservations are almost impossible to get for non-regular customers, daytime reservations on weekdays are easy to get in most tents.

The very popular Augustiner-Festhalle and Hacker-Festzelt are packed all day and have usually reserved all reservable tables starting at noon. The first doesn’t even take requests for lunch reservations from non-regulars. If you don’t want to miss any reservation availabilities, don’t forget to subscribe on Facebook. The reservation situation is way more relaxed at the Oide Wiesn, where you even have the chance to get weekend or evening reservations as a first-timer.

All large tents, except for Käfer and the Weinzelt are obliged to keep large areas of their tents free from reservations. These are the general rules of table reservations at the Oktoberfest:

  • Only the tents' hosts themselves reserve tables. You can find the links to the reservation forms on our tent pages.
  • In general, you can’t reserve single seats, only whole tables.
  • Reservations are in general for free. Usually, you have to buy coupons for two beers and a chicken per person in advance, though.
  • The coupons can be redeemed after Oktoberfest in the restaurants of the Oktoberfest hosts.
  • Most tents reserve their tables in two shifts each day. Their times are different from tent to tent.
  • A quarter of all seats in the tents can generally not be reserved. On weekends and October 3rd, half of the seats are to be kept free of reservations until 3 pm and 35% after 3 pm. The Käfer Wiesnschänke and the Weinzelt are excluded from this rule.
  • Reservation-free areas have to clearly indicated by signs. They say “Freie Plätze” or “Reservierungsfrei”.
  • Beer garden tables can’t be reserved at all.
  • Since 2015, and an additional 15% of the seating capacity can be reserved on weekends for citizens of Munich.
  • Since 2017, there are so-called “last-minute-reservations”.
  • Resale is strictly forbidden.

Reservation Starts 2020

In order not to miss any start of reservations, we list all dates, when tent hosts start to accept reservation requests in the following table, as soon as they are published. Most tents only accept requests for weekday daytime shifts. You'll find the links to the individual reservation forms on each tent page.

Large tents

Augustiner-FesthalleExpected only for regulars
ArmbrustschützenzeltLunch reservations starting in February, evenings on March 23rd
Fischer-VroniExpected May
Hacker-FestzeltExpected March
Hofbräu-FestzeltReturning customers via email in January, new customers in March
Käfer Wiesn-SchänkeExpected April 1st
Löwenbräu-FestzeltExpected March
MarstallExpected April
SchützenfestzeltFebruary 1st
Winzerer Fähnd (Paulaner-Festzelt)


Oide Wiesn

The Oide Wiesn doesn't take place due to the Zentrallandwirtschaftsfest. However, the Festzelt Tradition will be part of the latter and accessible for Oktoberfest visitors outside the ZLF opening hours.

Festzelt TraditionExpected April
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