The once sleepy Schützenzelt awoke in the 2000s, when Munich's jeunesse dorée discovered it, dancing to mostly pop music there ever since.

In 1896 the first shooting competition took place at Oktoberfest. Since 1926 it has been accommodated by an own beer tent, the Schützenfestzelt, which moved to its present-day location at feet of the Bavaria in 1961. At the beginning, it didn’t even sell food and for many years and many Oktoberfest visitors forgot about it due to its remote locations. This has completely changed in the last few years. The Reinbold family, who has been running the tent since 1979, established it as the cynosure for Munich’s youth, especially better-off portion. Accordingly, the menu offers a selection of vine, which can also be consumed at a bar.

Besides a very young crowd in the central aisle, the boxes and the large gallery host a large number of riflemen, who take part at the Oktoberfest shooting in the rear of the tent. This is the most prominent on the first Sunday, when the portion of participants of the Trachten- und Schützenzug is much larger than in the other beer tents. Sadly, also with this completely different public, the band sticks to its very youth-oriented repertoire, which seems pretty inappropriate.

The remodelling of the tent in 2015 with a very large gallery shifted the crowd towards older guests and an overall calmer atmosphere as the capacity of the central aisle became relatively smaller.