Das Wiesnblog zeigt ganz persönliche Ansichten des Münchner Oktoberfestes.

The Fischer-Vroni

Fischer-Vroni just started to take reservations

The last of the large tents just opened its reservations form.

Available Reservations for October 3

After the city council revoked last year’s decision to leave the last day of Oktoberfest free from table reservations, some tents are now taking reservations.

Oktoberfest reservations: Free tables available

At the moment, you can still get some valuable table reservations for Oktoberfest 2017.

Der Innenraum des Weinzelts

Reservations for Weinzelt

Available nighttime reservations for the Munich Oktoberfest are rare. Weinzelt (Wein Tent) now offers some additional tables for Oktoberfest 2017.

The Armbrustschützenzelt as seen from the central aisle

Free Oktoberfest reservations for opening Saturday

Fancy a reservation for the opening Saturday?

Die leere Fischer-Vroni

First last-minute-reservastions for Firscher-Vroni

Fischer-Vroni now offers the first last-minute-reservations for opening Saturday.

Die Fischer-Vroni mit ihrem Straßenverkauf

Evening Reservations for Fischer-Vroni

Evening reservations at Fischer-Vroni are hard to get for non-regulars.

The empty Augustiner tent

Reservations at Augustiner tent

For the first time in 2017, Augustiner tent gives out reservations to non-regulars.

Reservations for the Armbrustschützenzelt

The Armbrustschützenzelt is now giving away their last free evening reservations.

The facade of the Schottenhamel tent

More tents start to accept reservations

As of now, new reservation requests are accepted, even for Sundays.

Free tables hat Hacker-Festzelt

Evening reservations for Hackerzelt

For a couple of nights, you can now again make reservations.

Der Innenraum des Hackerzelts

Free reservations for Hackerzelt

Now, you can again reserve tables for the last two evenings.

Winzerer Fahndl is now accepting reservations

Almost all slots, including evenings and weekends are available.

Free reservations for the opening

There are free reservations for the opening at Armbrustschützenzelt or Monday nights at Weinzelt.

Free reservations for Hofbräu, Marstall and Weinzelt

New reservation availabilities for Hofbräu, Marstall and Weinzelt.

Free Reservaions for Ochsenbraterei and Oide Wiesn

April brings lots of new reservation opportunities for the 185<sup>th</sup> Munich Oktoberfest.

Die Bühne im Hackerzelt

2018 Reservations for Hacker-Festzelt

The Hacker-Feszelt is as of now offering a small number of table reservations.

Die Fassade des Armbrustschützenzelts in der blauen Stunde

Free reservations for the Armbrustschützenzelt

There are free reservations available two evenings at Armbrustschützenzeltt.

Der Innenraum der Ochsenbraterei mit Blick zur Decke

Reservations for Ochsenbraterei and Armbrustschützenzelt

You can now reserve tables at the Armbrustschützenzelt for an additional evening of the Oktoberfest 2018.

The last free reservations for the Armbrustschützenzelt

The Armbrustschützen tent is now offering the last free tables for several evenings.