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Learn where you can still reserve tables for evenings and weekends.

The entrance to the Munich Oktoberfest and its beer tents is in general free. In case of overcrowding, however, a reservation can be necessary to get into tents. While weekday lunch reservations are only valuable for larger groups, evening and weekend reservations are almost exclusively given to regulars. Therefore, we collect the sparse availabilities of the latter below. If you’re not familiar with this topic, we suggest to read the Oktoberfest reservation guide first. Also, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page, to receive an email, whenever we hear from new availabilities. Also, there are always offers available at the Oktoberfest reservation exchange and in 2017 so-called “last-minute-reservations” were tested for the first time.

Currently free reservation slots for 2018

Seel below the only overview over currently available reservations for the Munich Oktoberfest 2018 on the internet. Usually, the number of avilable slots doesn't grow before mid July.

Schottenhamel-FesthalleSun., October 711am - 2:30pm
WeinzeltSat., September 2211am - 3:30pm
Sun., September 211am - 3:30pm
4pm - 8pm
8:30pm - 12:30am
Sat., September 2911am - 3:30pm
Sun, September 3011am - 3:30pm
4pm - 8pm
8:30pm - 12:30am
Sat., October 611am - 3:30pm
Sun., October 711am - 3:30pm
4pm - 8pm
8:30pm - 12:30am


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