Those who are new to Oktoberfest easily underestimate, how much it’s worth to visit it on the less busy days, as overcrowding happens regularly.

First-time visitors, who sally out to enjoy the high culture of the Bavarian art of celebrating life on a Saturday afternoon, often don’t have a premonition of the obstacles that may await them on the fair grounds. Weekdays at lunchtime, on the other hand, offer a way more relaxed experience and allow you to see and do more, while you’re there. To make the choice of the best days to visit easier, see our list of hints below.

  • On Saturdays, already shortly after their opening and on Fridays from the afternoon on, you can expect the large beer tents to be closed for overcrowding. On Saturday, even the beer garden close regularly for this reason.
  • If you need to go on a Saturday, pick the first one. At least in the beer gardens you should be able to find a seat.
  • The streets are usually never overcrowded. On Sundays with perfect weather, you may experience congestions, though. While the tents are the busiest in the evenings, the streets are not.
  • The waiting times at the rides are even at busy times only a couple of minutes. There are only a few low-capacity exceptions like Cyber Space.
  • From Sundays through Thursdays, the large tents are at most closed during the reservation change in the late afternoon. Otherwise, you shouldn’t experience problems accessing them.
  • The most relaxed days to visit the beer tents are the Sundays, especially in the evening. Only the Bäurosl can be expected to be at maximum capacity the whole day due to thousands of gays celebrating themselves there.
  • At lunchtime on weekdays, the following tents are the busiest: Augustinerzelt, Hackerzelt, Ochsenbraterei and Schützenzelt.
  • Provided that the weather is equally good, the second week is in general busier than the first one.
  • The atmosphere is more relaxed on days with beer garden weather, as opposed to rainy days, when the crowds cluster in the tents.
  • Keep in mind that October 3rd is a holiday in Germany.

Tent Crowd Barometer 2017

During dark red times, you can expect tents to be closed for overcrowding.

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