Behind the kitschy heart-shaped facade, you will find a rather quiet tent, which is especially popular with opulent glitter dirndls.

In 2014, the establishment of the Marstall buried the 111-year-old Hippodrom after its host lost his license due to tax evasion. As its name suggests, the Marstall is mostly designed after its predecessor. It even cites the extraordinary art nouveau façade from 1985. However, its colors and heart-shaped windows leave a rather kitschy impression. The inside of the tent resembles Nordic, clear and plain design featuring less decoration elements than the other, more baroque tents.

Each day, three different bands play at the Marstall. Only the first one, Tromposound, is supposed to play brass music from 12 to 2 p.m. Targeting an older, well-situated crowd, the atmosphere very calm before 9 p.m., when the tents gets transformed into a discotheque. Although almost never overcrowded, the tent is mostly closed during the evenings in order to enable bouncers to reject undesired guests. If you want to get in there, refrain from wearing costumes or funny hats.