Ammers Hühnerbraterei

The oldest chicken grill at the Oktoberfest is also the largest of the small tents. Its beautiful beer garden is an insider tip on busy days.

Bodos Backstube

One of the most famous café tents at the Oktoberfest provides price-insensitive customers with cake and coffee by day and with cocktails by night.

Café Kaiserschmarrn

The newest café tent is also known to be the wildest. Holding cocktails in their hands, after 9pm, its patrons dance in dim light listening to party songs.

Café Mohrenkopf

If you appreciate a calmer atmosphere in the evening than in the other café tents, the oldest of its kind could be to your liking.

Feisingers Kas- und Weinstubn

Specialized on cheese and wine, the Feisinger hut has a niche on its own at the Oktoberfest. Although being really tiny, it even has a beer garden.


This fish-hut was introduced in 2013. The tiny tent offers a variety of rather exotic fish-dished, Oktoberfest beer and wine.


The smallest Oktoberfest tent with only 90 seats is famous for its detailed decoration. Its small beer garden is an insider tip, which is often overlooked.

Goldener Hahn

Since 2015 the chicken grill has mostly been addressing solvent patrons eager for champagne breakfasts and pricy chicken menus.

Hochreiters Haxnbraterei

The pork knuckle grill considers itself a gastronomic tent. The eponymous haxen want to be enjoyed to its fullest.