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High Strikers

High strikers have been the means of choice for decades for muscle men trying to convince their beloved of their capabilities (to ring a bell).

Flee Circus

Often, it's the smallest things, which cause the biggest astonishment. At the Flee Circus, the tiniest artists imaginable try to do so with their stunts.


Even more for the ride itself, the carousel is famous for its own brass band, which assures the acoustic entertainment of the riders.


The most famous show of Oktoberfest has been around since 1869. Almost any Municher at least knows the legendary parade which is held in front of the theater.


No Oktoberfest attraction attracts more viewers than the Toboggan. Each day, it challenges the balance of hundreds and amuses thousands who watch.

Revue of Illusions

Once a fixture on fairgrounds all over the country, illusionists are now mainly a thing of the past. “Revue der Illusionen” keeps classic illusions alive.


No Oktoberfest ride is older than the “Witches’ Swing”. It was 1894 when it first fooled the sense of orientation of its brave riders.

Feldls Teufelsrad

For many, an Oktoberfest visit without the „Devil’s Wheel“ is unimaginable. Watching its participants facing centrifugal challenges, is just too much fun.

Russian Wheel

The “Russian Wheel” is a relic of a time in which big wheels didn't have to be that big after all, but instead spun their riders much faster than today.

Ferris Wheel

The characteristic Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel has turned into a landmark since its inauguration in 1979. And this is not completely unearned.

Thrill Rides


XXL-Racer is one of the new rides at Oktoberfest 2017. Predecessors of this type of high-speed vertical carousel have been very popular at other fairs.


After many years of absence, a Top Star Tour will return to the Munich Oktoberfest in 2018. The carousel named Predator offers a unique ride.

Chaos Pendel

Chaos Pendel is a new type of swing ride which will premiere at the Munich Oktoberfest 2018. Its chaotic ride sequence is expected to be spectacular.

Höhenrausch XXL

A spectacular swing ride returns 2017 to Oktoberfest. Riders are catapulted to a height of 40 meters in a spinning gondola.


The largest transportable rollercoaster of the world clearly is a giant. Since 1989 it has been magnetically attracting the bravest of Oktoberfest visitors.


Named after the Zugspitze cable car, its Munich variant doesn't master a comparable elevation gain, but instead of that goes way faster.


Spinning and swinging in a 120-degree radius - these are the ingredients of one of the funniest, family-friendly swing rides at the Oktoberfest.

Break Dancer

Only very few carousels have been as successful as the Huss Breakdance. Even the Oktoberfest alone offers two incarnations of this intense ride.


Skyfall is not the first ride at the Oktoberfest which was called “free-fall tower”, but it's the first one to actually offer a free fall.

Cyber Space

The extreme acceleration of this swing fascinates its riders so much, that there's always a long queue in front of the ride - despite the steep price.

Family Fun


The giant ghost traint Geisterpalast is a new ride at the Munich Oktoberfest 2017. It's the successor of the Odyssee dark ride.


In 2018, there will be a new fun house at the Munich Oktoberfest. The Dschungelcamp attempts to amuse its guests on the levels, including lots of water.

Rio Rapidos

The newest water ride at the Oktoberfest is the only one with spinning rafts. Due to its mild slopes, it's also suitable for smaller children.

Wilde Maus

Since 1934 a number of different Wild Mouse roller-coasters have been present at Oktoberfest. Also the current incarnation makes children’s eyes sparkle.


The impressively large and plastic façade houses the third incarnation of the largest transportable indoor-roller-coaster of the world.


By the time of its inauguration in 1983, the Alpinabahn was not only a very fun roller-coaster, but also the first one in the world to feature an airtime hill.