In contradiction to what you would expect from the "old Oktoberfest", the Herzkasperl tent features a number of very contemporary bands and artists.

The concept of the Herzkasperl tent (Herzkasperl is a portmanteau derived from heart attack and Punch) has little in common with the Oide Wiesn’s focus on the spirit of the Oktoberfests of the past. Every day, two different bands play there, which are mostly part of the new folk music or cabaret scene. And some of them have pretty big names in Bavaria. Depending on what kind of band performs, the tent’s atmosphere varies greatly and often resembles a music club more than a beer tent.

In addition to the headliners, each day also features two traditional orchestras and even live music in the beer garden during the afternoon. The Hacker-Pschorr beer is poured from wooden kegs and served in Keferlohers (Steins). The menu offers a surprising variation of vegan and vegetarian items.