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The Schottenhamel tent and the Winzerer Fahndl will be renovated.

Until the end of the year, potential Oktoberfest hosts and showmen may still be working on their applications for the Munich Oktoberfest 2018. Even businesses which have been around for decades or even centuries, have to apply a new each and every year. Usually, applicants aren’t informed about their license until May, which is why all news presented on this page are speculations until then. As many licenses are given to the same businesses every year, we are still collecting all the probable news for the Oktoberfest 2018 continually on this page.

Re-decoration of the Winzerer Fahndl

It’s easy to mock one of the most unimposing Oktoberfest going to be re-decorated only seven years after its last reconstruction. It’s even easier if this tent is the Paulaner-Festzelt, as the brewery wasn’t always lucky when building or redesigning their restaurants in the city. Also the Nockherberg, which has often been objurgated for its gymnasium-like aesthetics, is currently being redesigned only a few years after its reconstruction.

After the Winzerer Fahndl started a mutation to a Schlager disco beginning in 2015 when a showband, a light show and stage fog have been introduced, we are curious how the 2018 redesign will turn out. A redesign, especially with regards to the very unimposing façade, could be very favorable for the tent. However, as already mentioned, Paulaner did disappoint in the past.

Renovation of the Schottehamel tent

Apropos Schlager disco: The Schottenhamel tent will receive another modernization in 2018 after the gentle and mostly well-done redesign in 2016. Its host Christian Schottenhamel, who is currently renovating his new acquisition, the aforementioned Nockherberg, wants to present an even more comfortable beer tent to his guests. In line with the current zeitgeist, its galleries will receive their own toilets and tap stations.

Four new rides

The Oktoberfest 2018 also offers four, at least to some extent, new rides. The Temple of Adventure is a fun house replacing the Amazonas fun house. Fahrenschon’s Wellenflieger, which was new last year will be replace by the same type of ride owned by Lechner. A carousel that premiered twenty years ago will return after a long hiatus including a redesign under the name Predator. The Chaos Pendel is a completely new type of swing ride and will celebrate its premiere at this year’s Oktoberfest. Last year’s new rides Drifting Coaster and Voodoo Jumper won’t return in 2018.

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