This year brings us again a new building: The Ochsenbraterei is being rebuilt from scratch. Also, some new rides are expected to premiere in 2017.

First of all, we’d like to make sure that you know, that Oktoberfest licenses are not decided on before May. Until then, this article is mere speculation. However, there is a large number of showmen who show up every year, also after taking over new attractions. Hence, as soon, as we know more, this article is subject to change.

New Building for the Ochsenbraterei

The largest new building at this year’s Oktoberfest will once again be new tent: The Ochsenbraterei, whose current building was designed in 1980, when the Haberl family took over. So far, the Spaten brewery only said that the new building will mostly reference the old one. The very contemporarily designed façade, however, is expected to completely transform except its giant grill above the entrance. We fear, another glass façade will be introduces to the Wirtsbudenstraße, as it has been very popular in recent history.


After a drought in 2016, we can finally hope for some new rides in 2017. Quite probably, Alexander Goetzke’s substitution for his old Starflyer, Alex‘ Airport, will premiere this year at the Oktoberfest. The giant tower carousel will spin its riders in a height of 80 meters instead of 55 meters now.

XXXL Racer

We also expect Franz Goetzke’s replacement for the Frisbee to be part of Oktoberfest 2017. The new ride will be a vertical carousel built by Fabbri. You can see a similar carousel (not exactly the same type, tough) in the following video.

Further potential new rides

Anja Goetzke bought the former Monster XXL, a 40-meter-tall swing, which Oktobefest visitors have already seen in 2011. Renamed and rethemed to “XXL Höhenrausch”, it could follow the identical Konga, which showed at Oktoberfest 2015. Jeremy Agtsch, known for the small roll-coaster Cobra, was supposed to reveal a new type of carousel earlier this year. This still didn’t happen, though.

Reservation-free October 3

Up to date, the large beer tents will be on the closing day, October 3.

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