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The Munich Oktoberfest 2017 features three new beer tents and eight new rides.

After a year completely missing out on new rides, the list of novelties in 2017 is quite spectacular. With the new building for the Ochsenbraterei, a new duck grill Heimer and the completely new Schönheitskönigin at the Oide Wiesn, there are, depending on how you count, up to eight new rides at Oktoberfest 2017, some of them very surprising, including a new ghost train, which will have its premiere right at the Wiesn.

Since June, we've been regularly publishing photos of the Oktoberfest construction 2017.

New Building for the Ochsenbraterei

The largest new building at this year’s Oktoberfest will once again be new tent: The Ochsenbraterei, whose current building was designed in 1980, when the Haberl family took over. The new tent’s visuals will mostly reference the old tent, while its structure will resemble the new Hackerzelt. Many infrastructure installations, also toilets, will move to the upper floor, in order to free space at ground level. Also, the balconies will be extended and connected on the south side. As opposed to Hackerzelt’s garden balcony, the new balcony will be inside. You can follow the construction with the Ochsenbraterei-webcam.

Entenbraterei Heimer

After a one-year hiatus, the chicken and duck grill Heimer will return to Oktoberfest. However, it will not take the spot of the Wildmoser grill, which ceased its business, but instead take a spot at street 2, next to the Augustiner tent, where the Hippodrom was located decades ago.

Zur Schönheitskönigin

At the Oide Wiesn, the Velodrom will be replaced with a new beer tent, “Zur Schönheitskönigin” (beauty queen). Its hosts, the Reichert family, already had a tent with that name at the Oide Wiesn 2011, which has been replaced, however, by the Herzkasperl in the following years.

Drifting Coaster

As the Cobra won’t return to Oktoberfest, a new small rollercoaster will be introduced this year. What makes the „Drifting Coaster“ special is the fact, that its cars swing freely to the sides.


The showmen family Jodenhofer-Kunz is known for their Geisterschloss, which has been a regular at Oktoberfest for decades. This year, they will premiere an additional ghost train at Oktoberfest. Also, and not very surprisingly, Edmund Eckl is returning at least with his ancient ghost train after getting a gastronomic license for the first time last year. Let’s see. How it’s going to take for his Shocker to return…


Alexander Goetzke’s substitution for his old Starflyer, Alex‘ Airport, will premiere this year at the Oktoberfest. The giant tower carousel will spin its riders in a height of 80 meters instead of 55 meters now.

Pirateninsel Log Flume

Although having been an Oktoberfest regular after its introduction in 1983, this log flume has never returned to Oktoberfest after its retheming to Pirateninsel (Pirates’ Island) in 1995.

Voodoo Jumper

The Voodoo Jumper is a carousel with freely spinning gondolas, which jump up and down to create a feeling of zero gravity.


Franz Goetzke’s wil introduce his replacement for the Frisbee at the Oktoberfest 2017. The new ride will be a Booster Maxxx vertical carousel built by Fabbri.

Additional Wave Swinger

In addition to Stranninger’s Wellenflug, another technically identical carousel will be introduced to Oktoberfest in 2017.

XXL Höhenrausch

Anja Goetzke bought the former Monster XXL, a 40-meter-tall swing, which Oktobefest visitors have already seen in 2011. Renamed and rethemed to “XXL Höhenrausch”, it will follow the identical Konga, which showed at Oktoberfest 2015.

No reservation-free October 3

Munich’s city council reverted last year’s decision to keep the last day of Oktoberfest free from reservations. In order not to miss any chances to reserve tables, don’t forget to subscribe to the Wiesnkini facebook page. Also, check our list of currently available reservations for Oktoberfest 2017.

New bands

The Paulaner brewery seems indecisive, which band to choose for the disco shift between 7 and 9 p.m., which was introduced at the Winzerer Fähndl three years ago. This year, Nachtstark and Blind Date can try their luck. The Marstall is looking for a new identity for the afternoon. The Pepi Kugler Band will replace Tromposound and Die Oberbayern between noon and 6 p.m.

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