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New in 2017

The Munich Oktoberfest 2017 offers an amazing three new beer tents and eight new rides. The Ochsenbraterei will be redesigned this year.


Hofbräu, the by far smallest brewery, which has a tent at the Oktoberfest, was established in 1589 as a ducal brewery and is a state-owned enterprise today.

Der Spatenbräu

Today, Spaten appears rather vacuous. Not many know, that the brewery was once the largest in Munich and responsible for the introduction of the Helles.


The history of Munich's Löwenbräu brewery: The export-oriented and one of the oldest still existing breweries of the city was once leading in Germany.

The first Oktoberfest in 1810

The Oktoberfest dates back to a royal wedding celebration. The public horse race in 1810 was attended by more than 40000 spectators. Read the whole story.

Construction Photos

Featuring so many new things, the Oktoberfest construction is even more interesting in 2017.

The new Ochsenbraterei tent

The Ochsenbraterei gets a completely new building in 2017. We document its construction of the new Oktoberfest tent with photos and two webcams.

Press Conference 2017

Oktoberfest-head Josef Schmid presented an outlook on the Oktoberfest 2017 to the media in this year’s press conference.

Beer Price 2017

Despite a long discussion, the Oktoberfest beer price 2017 will not be capped. The hosts once again raised prices for beer and especially water.