After a wild water dry spell, a log flume returns to Oktoberfest in 2017, which hasn't been there for decades.

Over the last decades, the two largest transportable log flumes alternated yearly at the Oktoberfest. After a two-year hiatus, a classic log flume ride will finally return to the Wiesn in 2017. This time, however, a ride will be constructed at the fair ground, which hasn’t been around for decades. The 1983 built water attraction used to be a regular guest at the Oktoberfest, until it was replaced by the larger Wildwasser III in 1992.

For the 1995 season, it was re-themed and renamed to Pirateninsel, the pirates’ island. As such, it’s new to Oktoberfest visitors. It’s about as large at its successor Wildwasser III, however being only 14 instead of 30 meters tall and 360 instead of 650 meters long not quite as spectacular. Since 2006 it has been a stationary attraction at Skyline-Park, where it’s being replaced during the 2017 season by Wildwasser III.