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A spectacular swing ride returns 2017 to Oktoberfest. Riders are catapulted to a height of 40 meters in a spinning gondola.

This giant swing is already known to Oktoberfest visitors from 2011. Back then, the swing painted with Bavarian lozenges, was still named Monster. In 2015, Konga, another incarnation of this type of ride, came to Oktoberfest. Höhenrausch XXL swings its gondolas up to a height of 40 meters. When traversing the station, riders experience a vertical acceleration of up to 4g. Additionally, the gondolas spin horizontally, intensifying the feeling of zero gravity at the vertex. The same ride sequence is known from Freestyle. Höhenrausches’s height, however, offers a significantly more intense ride.

Ticket Prices 2018

Adults6.00 €
Children5.00 €