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In 2017, there will be a new type of roller-coaster: while its track may be similar to a wild mouse, its swinging cars offer a totally different experience.

With the Cobra not returning to Oktoberfest, it makes place for a new type of small roller-coaster. Similar to a wild mouse, the “Drifting Coaster’s” turn aren’t banked. The ride’s experience, however, is completely different: it’s not high lateral acceleration, which makes it special, but the fact, that its cars swing freely.

This roller-coaster is, by the way, not the first one having swinging cars at the Oktoberfest. In fact, in 1975 MBB premiered a completely new type of roller-coaster with suspended trains. Having had severe technical difficulties, it was buried right after its premiere, though.

Ticket Price 2017

Adults6.00 €
Children5.00 €